II International Best Diploma Projects Show - Competition 2005
"For an Ecological Future". Architecture, Environment & Design
Florence, 17th February - 17th March 2005
surname/name: Rusakova Yana Category: Architecture
Tutor: Prof. O.D.Breslavtsev
Moscow Institute of Architecture ( StateAcademy)
Faculty of Residential and Public buildings
City: Moscow State: Russia


The theme of the diploma project is of high current importance, especially in connection with the Moscow government programme of rehabilitation and revitalization of former industrial areas; the programme which is meant to change the functional profile of the whole districts which happen to be incompatible with the modern town-planning, economic, sanitary, and hygienic requirements.
This is especially important for the territories located along the rivers, and also in the centre of Moscow.
One of the such situations is taken for the diploma work. The site is located along the river (Derbenevskaya embankment of the Moskva-river), not far from the city centre. Paveletskaya Metro station and a railway station are situated nearby.
The old buildings of the former cotton-millare interesting as monuments of architecture and will be preserved.
However, the function of this territory will be changed to satisfy the modern requirements of the city and its inhabitants.
On account of numerous monuments of architecture situated nearby and the importance of the former cotton-mill, I decided to design a Complex which will be focused on manufacturing and saling of craft articles.
Such a Complex could solve the problem of various at present scattered all over the city exhibitions and sales, small studios. It will revive and develop national crafts and traditions.
The Centre will combine various public functions: trade, exhibition, education, manufacture, culture, recreation.
The diploma work covers such tasks as:historical conservation, traffic improvements, landscaping, new construction of residential and public buildings, organization of free access to the river and improvementof architectural appearance of embankments,pollution prevention.
As means oftransport improvement I proposethe construction of a new bridge for cars and people.
It will join the two opposite banks of the river, providing comfortable approach to the area and serving as a relief road.



of the designed area relies on the existing preserved urban structure and buildings. Most of the old buildings are preserved and they influence on the composition of the Complex.
The idea of a courtyard is combined with that of oblong rectangular spaces in between the factory buildings.
The main idea of the compositionis to organize a big recreational zone, which can regulate and divide people groups.
This area is open to the river and proposed bridge.
The multifunction centre includes trading halls, an exhibition centre, an entertainment zone, craft workshops, housing, offices, a recreationalzone.


Trade, exhibition and entertainment area

The buildings of this area are the highest, because I wanted to stress their public importance.The structure combines set of open vast spaces with skylights, and various passages (bridges) in between.
The old preserved factory parts adjoin two sides of the new buildingand open into inner space by way ofgalleries.Halls and auditoriums can be transformed, depending on the functional requirements.
The Area will provide space for exhibitions and sales of the craft articles, produced there or in other places.
A library, a specialty store and the museum of the former cotton-mill are also included in the Complex.


Craft workshops

Manufacturing area is located mostly in the preservedand restored parts of cotton-mill . The space between the factory buildings is covered with glass structure. So, Idesigned warm galleries (passages). The factory blocks, in turn, are connected bybriges (on 2 and 3 floors).
I introduce a variety into this structure by creating vast spaces (courtyards)for recreation and communication of people.
The proposed water reservoirs reflect the outline of the cotton-mill.
Manufacturing area includes studios, devoted to different crafts. Excursions, training and work of craft masters are due to take place here.


Residential area

is performed as a multifunctional complex with its own infrastructure.
Houses of 5-7 floors are arranged around the lowered courtyards and join into four large groups , connected with each other.
The lowered level of the courts provide daylight for the public spaces, located underground.
There are green plantations in the courts.
Some of thebuildings parts are raised above the ground level,thus opening up the closed green courtyards as well aswideningthe adjacent street.


Office area

Is located along the new bridge and it serves as a buffer zone between the Complex and the highway.
One set of the office buildings is arranged at right angles to the bridge with linking office-blocks in between.
The latter are raised above the ground providing vistas to the recreation zone.
Underneath the raised office-blocks are water pools.
There are several interconnected parking garages under the Centre.The loading docks are located at the same level.


Recreational area

The particular feature of the recreational area is organization of free access to the river.
In order to solve this problem I propose to construct a tunnel for cars, moving alongthe embankment.
This tunnel openes to the river from one of its sides.
The recreational zone with a pedestrian path along the river lies above the tunnel.
I envisage a possibility of open air exhibitions, under the sky, especially in summer.
The territory is flat, so I make the artificial relief by loweringsome of its parts.
The amphitheatre contributes to the space organization.
In my diploma work I stress the importance ofwater as means of connection between the river and people.


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