II International Best Diploma Projects Show - Competition 2005
"For an Ecological Future". Architecture, Environment & Design
Florence, 17th February - 17th March 2005
surname/name: Grosu V. Category: Architecture
Title of the project: The airport in the city Cahul
Tutor: Prof. Gaidash V.
Technical University of Moldova, Chisinau, Faculty of Architecture
City: Chisinau State: Rep. Moldova

Cahul – is one of the oldest cities from Republic of Moldova and it occupies the 6th place from the 12 cities of the country. It is situated on South West of Moldova with the geographical coordinates of checkpoint: 45,91°N – Latitude and 28,19°E – Longitude. Cahul’s population was registered at 40000 habitants which has relatively decreased in the last ten years. Nowadays, Cahul is the largest centre in southern part of Moldova, running numerous industries, cultural venues, trading centers, residential areas and new transportation thoroughfares. Branches of the most important banks ofMoldova have been opened on this territory. Cahul is the city of youths and students, it has two universities, three colleges, four lyceums, ten general schools, two vocational schools, and nine kindergartens. Every yearInternational festivals of music and dance are organized, such as: “ Nufarul Alb ”, “ Bobocel “ and “ Faces ofFriends “, which have turned over into traditional ones.

Project’saims and objectives:

This project has been chosen taking into consideration the following objectiveand aims:

  • To examine the commercial viability of small regional airports, their role, purpose and development opportunities through the case study of Cahul Airport;
  • To make an economic assessment, investigation of the local economy, and the future of the south part of Moldova;
  • To establish the Development/ Attraction factors ( Industry, Leisure and Family Meters traffic ).
  • To understand the airlines’ behaviour, i.e. availability of present airlines and increasing of potential ones;
  • To extract and highlight the hey success factors for passenger increasing and airport development;
  • To make an infrastructural assessment.

Basic characteristics of the designed airportare: the flow of the passengers – 300 passengers per hour; number of aircrafts – 10/15 planes a day; the aerodrome has “C” class; IV – CAG; the runway size is 2800 x 45 meters; the hauling runway size is 2400 x 18 meters; the types of aircrafts: AN 26, SAAB 340, IAK 40; international airport of the type “Easy Get”; combined system ofloading: joined to passengers’ terminal and land bundle with the nearest platform; the aircrafts’ layout: linear; building capacity – high (3 levels); the link with main bodies is made through galleries; the link with halls for technical catering – by land.

The proposed airport consists of: 1.Passengers terminal; 2. Cargo terminal; 3. Administrative and dispatcher department; 4.Car parking area; 5. Platform; 6.Courtyard for cargo operations; 7. Hauling runways; 8. Runway; 9. Halls for technical services;10. Fire station; 11. Technical hangar; 12. Meteorological station; 13. Fuel storehouse.


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