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Updated : 07/08/2003

Introduction to the exploitation of the techniques for the conservation and restoration.

Mr.Marco Quadri checking a sword
How the project was born:
The awareness of the problems present still today in the artistic field of the restoration, has pushed a group of people and cultural institutions of international reputation, to conceive an ambitious program directed to professionally face particularly specific and complex fields of intervention. In this sense was born the Program of Restoration of the Art works of the Far East (P.R.O.D.E.O).
The Course
The Course, that requires a specific basic preparation, will allow a qualification, very difficult to achieve outside Japan.
The lessons will be held by a high qualified specialist of the art, Marco Quadri , student since 1993 of the great Master_Kenji Mishina, head Instructor in the Nagayama Kenshujo and entrusted by the Japanese Government to the restoration of Japanese blades classified as "Kokuho" (National Treasure) and "Juyo Bunkazai (Important Cultural Heritage); the Master Mishina will attend during the course a session of lessons of deepening.
The Course will be organised in three Modules, of 15 days each, directed to the Knowledge, Diagnostic and Practice of the Art.
Certificate of Frequency
A certificate of frequency will be issued at the end of the first two Modules, while at the attainment of the third one, completed the whole Course, a final certificate will be conferred, delivered by the holder of the Course and by the representatives of the involved Institutions, testifying the frequency to the Course and the attainment of a basic ability in the field of conservative restoration.
Experience of Research
At the end of the entire Course (Modules A, B and C) to all the participants will be offered, with a program of compatible frequency, the possibility to carry out an experience of research for a period of a month in the Stibbert Museum, concerning the "Control and editing of a systematic list on the conservative conditions of selected samples of the collection of the Japanese swords and their fittings."
The course will be organised under the scientific direction of Dr. Francesco Civita, curator of the Japanese Section of the Stibbert Museum of Florence and it will be organised with the partecipation of high qualified experts in the field of Conservation.

Blade picture, Swordsmith: Nanki Shigekuni
The Knowledge (Module A.)
This first Module intends to bring to the participantís knowledge the evolution of the Japanese sword, from the IX century up to today, focusing on the various periods and on the systematic recognition of a blade regarding the time of forging. During the lessons, will be defined the criterions used to recognize the styles of the various Schools in relation to the epoch of execution, supported by practical demonstrations and visits to the Japanese Section of the Stibbert Museum.
The Diagnostic (Module B)
The second Module will be finalized particularly to the knowledge of the general metallurgy and of the Japanese one, with special attention to all the crystalline activities present in the blades. Moreover, the defects of forging and tempering will be examined as well as the qualitative oscillations that the realization of the Japanese blades has pointed out during the centuries. The lessons will give evidence to the importance of the bladeís tang and the conservative criterions of the blades.
The theoretical lessons will be completed by some visits to the Japanese Section of the Stibbert Museum.

Blade drawing: Oshigata
The Practice (Module C)
The third Module has the purpose to make the participants know the practical system of restoration of the Japanese blades, with the presentation of the workroom, all the related utensils and the necessary various stones of different abrasive power for a correct restoration. Moreover, will be faced the various styles of polishing and the criterions how to evaluate the real possibilities of restoration of the blades. Every student will be called to personally test the activity of polishing.
The lessons will be completed by some visits to the Japanese Section of the Stibbert Museum, where will be examined polearms too, like Naginata, Nagamaki and Yari.

The first edition of the course is due to be activated in Florence starting the first module on January 2004 and to allow a larger participation to the Course are set three Editions:

Module A (January 2004)
Module B (May 2004)
Module C (September 2004)

Module A (March 2004)
Module B (July 2004)
Module C (November 2004)

Module A (June 2004)
Module B (October 2004)
Module C (February 2005)

You can find all the information about modalities and terms of application, together with the application form, downloading the attached files.

The Course will be activated with the minimum number of 14 students.

For further information write us.
Promoted and patronised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in co-operation with the Stibbert Museum Florence and the Centre of Studies and Research of the University of Tokyo in Florence.


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