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Updated : 25/11/2004

Analysis, Restoration and Preservation of the Japanese Sword - Course of Specialisation, Florence, 18 - July 23 rd 2005

Marco Quadri
Course held by:
Marco Quadri, student since the 1993 of the master Mishina Kenji Mukansha of the NBTHK Tokyo

Scientific coordination:
Francesco Civita, curator of the Japanese Section of the Museum Stibbert in Florence.

The Course is promoted and patronized by:
the Foundation Romualdo Del Bianco

in cooperation with:
the Stibbert Museum
the Center Studies and Searches of the university of Tokyo in Florence

organized by:
Fleming Youth Srl


Marco Quadri
The Course

The Course, that requires a basic knowledge of the art of the sword of ancient Japan, will furnish a great deal a qualification difficult to achieve out of Japan.
The lessons will be kept from a great professional of the art, Marco Quadri, student since the 1993 of the master Mishina Kenji Mukansha of the NBTHK of Tokyo, formerly head instructor to the Nagayama Kenshujo and entrusted by the Japanese Government to the restauration of designate blades with the qualification of" Kokuho" (National Treasure) and" Juyo Bunkazai (Important Cultural Property).

The Course will be articulated in one only Form, of 6 days (Monday to Saturday 9,00. 13,00 and 14,30-17,30) of 7 hours every, articulated in theoretical lessons, discussions of group and conducted visits to the Museum Stibbert with possibility of a close check on the pieces of their collection and to debate on their of maintenance.

The Course will be held in Florence, at the Auditorium al Duomo, via de' Cerretani no. 54R, from Monday 18 nth. to Saturday July 23 rd 2005.

Certificate of Frequency

At the end of the course a certificate of frequency will be hand over by the holder of the course and by the representatives of the involved Institutions, stating the frequency to the Course and the attainment of a basic ability of the subject.


During the lessons the followings themes will be faced:


General metallurgy, the Fe and his mineral
Brief history of the steel (Caucasus, India, Far East)
Workmanship of the steel, the damask (the Ukku from India to the other oriental Countries)
The steel damask to layers in Japan and its mechanical qualities in the construction of the swords
Terminology of the Japanese sword
Structural patterns (Honsammae, Kobuse etc.)
Different alloys of steel employed ( kawagane, shingane ecc. )
The five schools (Yamashiro, Yamato, Bizen, Soshu, Mino)
the Gassan added, characteristics of base and their correlations.
The evolution of the Japanese sword after the attempt of Mongol invasion.
The sugata through the centuries, priority base in the attribution of the period of construction.
The ji-hada, as above.
The hamon, as above.
The Kantei.


As to recognize a blade Koto, from Shinto, Shin-Shinto.
The Gendaito, the Murato one, the Shinsakuto.
The Horimono and their symbolism and opportunity.
When and because a blade is to consider of good manufacture.
The forgeries and the Utsushis (copies of ancient blades).
The nakago (tang) and the importance of his connotations.
Preservation of the blades.
The shirasaya.
The koshirae: the saya in lacquer and the kodogu; materials and metals used.


The polishing (the stones, the different materials and their employment).
The restoration of the blades, when possible: the non eliminable defects.
The problems of the restoration owed to the antiquity: teeth, rust of various colors, spider rust, tips broken, bended blades.
Performance problems owed to wrong polishing: plain not correct, characteristics of the school of affiliation not respected, non visible ji-hada.
The restoration of the koshirae: the lacquer, the samè, the kodogu (materials and used metals: urushi, Ag Au, shibuichi, sentoku) cleaning and restoration of the patinas.

Japanese Sword
Entrance fee:
The cost of the course is of €. 1.310,00 ,p.p. IVA included. The sum should be versed within and not later the term of the application demand, settled on June 15th 2005. In case of release within June 30th 2005 it will be refund the 50% of the entrance fee. Any release reached later the June 30th 2005 will not be refund.

The entry includes:

The lessons of the course, all the scheduled visits, the educational material, a welcome drink on arrival on Sunday July 17th, 7 overnight stays in Hotel 3* in double bed room with buffet breakfast, 6 light lunches (from Monday to Saturday), restaurant card (an agreement card available with self service Florentine restaurants), final dinner on Saturday 23rd July.

- extra charge for a single room accommodation: € 245,00

- companion fee (welcome drink on arrival on Sunday 17th July, 7 overnight stays in Hotel 3* in double bed room with buffet breakfast, 6 light lunches (from Monday to Saturday), restaurant card (an agreement card available with self service Florentine restaurants), final dinner on the Saturday 23rd July. € 500,00

-course fee ( only )(course lessons, scheduled visits, educational material) € 950,00

The entry doesn't include:

Transfers for and from Florence, the lodging and the food, the transfers in city and everything how much not suitable in the voice" the entry includes."

Registration to the course

The Course of a maximum of 20 participants, previous attainment of a least number of 15 affiliate and previous presentation of application form and payment of the registration fee, will be activated. The entry form must be equip from curriculum vitae of the candidate an informative relationship on the motives for the interest to participate in the Course. A special Committee of acceptance will be appraise the demands submitted.

The application forms should be received within and not later the June 15th 2005.


The candidates will have to introduce:
 the entry form using the special attached form the attestation of the payment of the" Tax of registration" of €. 1.310,00 to credit on the current account no. 905512/00 in Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, Agenzia 6, ABI 06160 CAB 02806 CIN V, IBAN: IT93V0616002805000905512C00 made uot to:

Fleming Youth S.r.L.
Analisi, Restauro e Conservazione della Spada Giapponese
Via del Giglio n.10 - 50123 Firenze

The deprived questions of the payment attestation won't be considered. Such documentation will have to reach by mail (to address of the Fleming Youth S.r.L. - Via del Giglio n.10, - 50123 Firenze - Italy) or by fax (0039 055 28 32 60) or email (info@flemingyouth.it) within the June 15th 2005.

1- All the participants will have to provide of a valid identification card.
2- The organization reserves him to bring varying to the present program assuring a timely communication to the parties however.

Further information can be in demand to the: Reception office of the Fleming Youth, tel. 0039 055 2382 762, fax 0039 055 28 32 60,

For further information write us.

Downlaod: form_uk.pdf and poster_uk.pdf
Scarica form: form_it.pdf and poster_it.pdf


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