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Updated : 16/06/2003

"In Florence with...". Collection of studies on the presence of Foreigner travellers and residents in Florence in the XVIII and XIX centuries.

In the course of it’s activity, the Romualdo Del Bianco foundation has made it possible for many young people from Eastern and Central Europe, to come to Florence and contribute to the development of international integration without competition in this city of Peace.

The youth from these countries finds Florence to be a city in which the past is a fundamental aspect of the city’s cultural richness. Yet they are unaware of how much their own countries have influenced and given to this city; whose history is full of fertile exchanges of experience and varied perspectives.

It is for this reason that the Foundation is promoting a collection dedicated to the relationship between different European countries and Florence, entitled “A Firenze con…”. The Editorial completion of this project will be entrusted to Fleming Youth.

So that this truth can be rendered more visible to this youth, part of the publishing activity will be carried out by Fleming Youth in order to create international integration without competition, which the Foundation hopes for. Fleming Youth will take on this difficult editorial activity under the firm belief that the Foundation will provide its expansive network of international relations. The interest of the youth, the University and the academic world in general will be of great help in making this project at every phase a cohesive one. The typographic phase will as well set up a moment of integration: a Florentine editor will offer the opportunity of an internship situation for a select number of youths, in his own typographic establishment for the production of these volume, which will allow for an important professional experience that they will be able to use in their home countries.

The Romualdo del Bianco foundation and the Gibinetto Scientifico Letterario G.P. Vieusseux will patronise the individual volumes.

The purpose is to demonstrate the influence other countries have had on Florence’s founding values. The project also hopes to present the historical protagonists and events in other countries that have made these exchanges possible.
This collection proposes serious initiative for specialized studies that would provide stimulation and printed resources for research, as well as an added reading source about the cosmopolitan city of Florence for visitors and foreigners living in the city. The collection would serve as a complete resource on the subject, but not an exhaustive one.
Fleming Youth will provide scholarships in order to have students study the topics investigated in this collection at their own universities.
Each volume, of approximately one hundred and seventy pages, will outline in a narration of one hundred pages, the phases and the characteristics that form the relationship between Florence and each individual country.
The next seventy pages will continue with a photographic section, which will include locations in the city tied to historical figures. Each image will be accompanied with an exhaustive description and commentary.

The texts will be in three languages: that of the featured country, Italian and English.

The first volumes will give priority to countries in Eastern and Central Europe, whose connection with Florence is less known. It is already foreseen to have two volumes published per year: “A Firenze con I viaggiatori e I residenti polacchi” (In Florence With the Polish Travellers and Residents), “A Firenze con I viaggiatori e I residenti russi” (In Florence With the Russian Travellers and Residents), “A Firenze con I viaggiatori e I residenti cechi e slovacchi” (In Florence With the Czech and Slovakian Travellers and Residents), “A Firenze con I viaggiatori e I residenti ungheresi” (In Florence With the Hungarian Travellers and Residents), “A Firenze con I viaggiatori e I residenti Paesi balcanici” (In Florence With the Travellers and Residents of the Balkan Countries).
Our greatest wish is that the collection will be of liking and use to a wide group with similar cultural interests, that have many shared values.
With this undertaking we are grateful for your availability to collaborate on different aspects of the collection and its diffusion. In order to build this network we will need your contribution, by introducing us to institutions and sources that are related to the project.
First Volume titled
"In Florence with the Polish Travellers and Residents"
Text by Luca Bernardini
Photography by Massimo Agus

This volume discusses some of the general concerns when considering Polish culture and its journey throughout history, with particular attention to the journey in Italy and its repercussions.
Using this as a starting point, the volume tries to explain the causes of a certain ambivalence of sentiments that Florence evokes. These sentiments refer to Florence as a city of art and liberty of the Republic, but also the celebration of a past glory. Thus several recounts are made from the early Renaissance, especially the era of political missions, until the Enlightenment, characterized by the search for cultural depth.

Between the seventeen and eighteen hundreds Florence becomes one of the centers for propaganda in favor of Poland. The division of Polonia between 1772 and 1795 provokes a migratory wave toward many areas including Tuscany, which leads for the formation of a colony of exiled residents, interested in diffusing knowledge of their homeland.

Between the eighteen and nineteen hundreds the union of political interests and artistic sensibility in Florence is renewed due to the presence of residents actively involved in political events and Italian culture. The Polish colony ceases to be a closed community of immigrants, and becomes more deeply involved with the city.

The restored independence of Poland (1918) “institutionalises” the Polish presence in the city, depriving it of its distinguished political figures. At the same time it also reawakens cultural interest that was virtually unknown. As guests in Florence, the Polish residents become increasingly active speakers: Antonina Brzozowska, widow of the writer, becomes the first Polish lecturer at the University, Oskar Skarbek Tluchowski translates Mickiewics, the writer Iwaszkiewicz finds traces of historical connection between the two countries while becoming friends with La Pira, internationally acclaimed men of the theatre like Kantor and Stuhr open their own laboratory spaces in the city. Thus it would not be unbelievable to think that a Florentine was the “father” of Polish Italian studies, G. Verdiani.

The Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation for an international integration without competition.

Fleming Youth(Florence Enterprise Meetings for an International Growth or the Youth) is a Florentine firm that supports initiatives with goals of cultural integration.It acts as a mediator between those initiatives that hope to increase experience in the area of professional training. Fleming Youth, with 200 months of internships a year, offer youths in Central and Eastern Europe, Eurasia and Asia, the possibility to take on a preparatory work experience, within small and medium sized Florentine businesses. These businesses are noted for their craftsmanship: using a modern approach to the market that acts like a creative, dynamic and versatile laboratory.

Write us :
- for further information about the project
- to receive also the informative depliant by e-mail translated in Italian, Polish, Russian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian
- to book the first volume on Polish traveller
- to be part of the diffusion system of the entire project

The editorial project is promoted and patronised by the Romualdo del Bianco Foundation and the Gabinetto Scientifico Letterario G.P. Vieusseux.

Download the informative depliant in English:depliant ingleseweb.jpg   depliant inglese inetrnoweb.jpg

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