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Updated : 23/05/2003

"Projecting fashion between past and future" international exhibition

The exhibition displayed in the State Art Institute of Porta Romana of Florence, presents the results of the International Workshop held in Florence last January 19-26.
During the Workshop, organised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in co-operation with the Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic for the Tuscany Region, were presented international proposals for a new Fashion of Peace.
Each partecipant coming from six differents University and Art Academy of Central-Eas Europe, after a first presentation of its own traditional folk costumes, both with sketches and a 3-dimentional piece, joint an international teamwork.
During the week in Florence within the international teamworks, the participant students have developed integrated skills, working together for the realisation of a final work representing a new conception of peace trough the mean of Fashion.
The workshop was concluded with a fashion parade made by each international teamwork at the Astra Youth International Amphiteatre in Florence.

All the works have been on display in Florence untill the end of May 2003 in the exposition hall of the State Art Institute of Porta Romana.


"Projecting fashion between past and future" (19th –26th January 2003)
International Seminar among students, promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation of Florence that has involved several institutions, aimed to contribute to the projecting of a new fashion of “Peace” trough the exchange of international folk traditions.

Project Leaders
Dott.ssa Isabella Bigazzi (Dipartimento di Storia delle Arti e dello Spettacolo, Università degli Studi di Firenze)
Dott.ssa Teresa Pasqui (Istituto Statale D’Arte di Firenze)
Dott.ssa Carlotta Del Bianco Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco

Institutions attending (in alphabetic order):
- Higher School of Fashion and Textile Design & Technical High School of Textile and Fashion Design, Prague, Czech Republic (Eva Helekalova)

- Department of Fashion Projecting, Faculty of Architecture, Florence, Italy (Dr. Isabella Bigazzi)

- Department of Fashion, Arts State Institute, Florence, Italy (Dr. Teresa Pasqui)

- Wladyslaw Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Lodz, Poland (Prof. Irmina Aksamitowska)

- Intitute Monuments and Conservations, Faculty of Fine Arts, Torun, Poland (Prof. Alicija Saar-Kozlowska)

- Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences University of Presov, Presov, Slovakia (Dr. Lena Leskova)

- University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Prof. E. Basso-Stanuescu Dr. A. Rusan,)

In co-operation with:

- The Honorary Consulate of Czech Republic in Florence

- The Camera di Commercio di Prato

- The Unione Industriali Pratese

- The Emmetex spa

- The VivaHotels ®

- Mrs. Iva Catarzi

External guests:

- Mr. Manpei Taniguchi, Taniguchi Ohuchi Dolls Mfg. Works, Yamaguchi City, Japan

- Dr. Mary Westerman Bulgarella, costume conservator

The comments of each group, were written by the Italian participants to summarize the group's experience and the feelings felt during the workshop.

ITALY Sara Verniani

POLAND – TORUN Maria Rdesinska

POLAND- LODZ Anna Grzelak

CZECH REP. Alexandra Kralova

ROMANIA Melania Tucureanu

SLOVAKIA Peter Barenyi

"A giant, predominant, imposing, important head. The element which can be best considered as the main character in the integration of so far and different cultures.
A simply iron wire framework covered up by sheets of acetate, by packing plastic, by transparent cello tape. These poor, usual materials easy to be found but at the same time with a strong functional value, and above all defenders and keepers of a precious wealth: the mind, the real subject of this work.
Transparency… predominant and main characteristic as looking through a glass, our being, our thoughts, our knowledge, our beliefs.
Scannering into the depth, knowing the “other” reading directly what is impressed in his “Big Head”. An initial very easy dress, just a futile external covering which could be soon become an essential element itself in our meeting, in our integration path: during the day of performance this white cotton would have filled up by messages, questions, comments, wishes, numbers, symbols of peace, drawings.
A way, this, to tell that the “interculture” will give a sign, will stay somewhere, should be seen and heard; because it wasn’t our way but it embraced every fellow of a society, every sex, every age, every instinctive need to be part of this “game”.
A week under the banner of enjoyment, exchanging of ideas, projects and techniques.
But mainly a week that made us capable to get a human and immediate relationship because people coming from five different countries had the opportunity to grow up and enrich themselves."

ITALY Giacomo-Battisti

POLAND – TORUN Justyna Smielska

POLAND- LODZ Gosia Jerzak

CZECH REP. Jirina.Polakova

ROMANIA Lavinia Ban

SLOVAKIA Lenka Hazuchova

"Integration, integration, integration. This was the basic key-word that we kept in mind to realize our dress. The cultural exchange week with students from North European countries was really unique: working with someone who has a completely different way of conceiving and planning from yours, speaking English and managing something together. Our dress develops basically with a simple silhouette, but enriched with some decorations: we thought about something of immediate to represent our countries like the flags, each one realized with different materials, from coloured worked cloth to applied laces or plastic materials.
A main concept was the link of our cultures between past and future: we underlined this, directly creating words like “Integration”, “Future”, “Connection”, on the dress with shiny adhesive, and adding “Unisex”, for its extremely simple silhouette and, for this reason, that fits everyone. The dress is completed by worked plastic “wings” which can be applied on the arms, symbol of progress and innovation, giving to the whole a futuristic but also playful look.
Personally it wasn’t a shock to join a foreign team: almost without thinking, few minutes after the greetings and the presentations we were all already to talk about our ideas, while the following day the dress has been brought to life. The things that best impressed me was the simplicity and freshness by which we realized this dress: without precious or refined materials, but with something of very common, we created something colourful, real and concrete.
I think that, at the end, the main objective of this exchange was fully reached: a union among cultures, different “universes”, but above all among boys and girls wishing to open themselves and to get new friendship."

ITALY Giulia Sella

POLAND – TORUN Anna Ciabach

POLAND- LODZ Dominika Lukawska

CZECH REP. Ludmila Horka

ROMANIA Kinga Varga

SLOVAKIA Frantiska Feherova

"The week that we spent together with the Romualdo del Bianco foundation, present as a beautiful experience to compare us with boys and girls of different cultures and countries, and sometimes with a different concept to conceive and structures an idea.
Each of us was in a foreign team, all this allow bigger integration and bigger development of English language, although the other students were from North-East Europe. Every team must create a dress, that represent the integration and relation between past and future. The dress of my team is merely female, because in my group there are only girls.
In this dress there’s a big circle in fabric where there are our caricatures and the world’s peoples ones. 9nspirate to past we have draw old decoration on the bare legs, using body-painting. On contrary the dressmaking is very modern.
In a first time I was scared because I don’t speak English very well and in our group there is the only way to communicate. But after few minutes, I found many friends and the work become a pleasure. It was been a constructive experience and I met beautiful foreign people."

ITALY Lesile Herrera

POLAND – TORUN Karolina Szweda

POLAND- LODZ Gosia Owczarek

CZECH REP. Lenny Polackova

ROMANIA Codruta Luca

SLOVAKIA Marek Ruzinsky

"Here in Florence, in degli Allori street at the Romualdo del Bianco foundation, in 19 to 26 of January there was a culture exchange among different European schools which purpose the realization of a dress or accessory which represent an idea of integration. This meeting gave life to a project divided in this way: we were five groups each composed of six people, everyone of a different nationality.
We discussed about the project to realise. Each of us has proposed a sketch of the dress or accessory which had in mind. We have agreed which was the best dress to be realised. We got the fabrics for the realization. We started to work and, at the end, all the groups introduced their own project with a fashion show and a jury has provided to give the premium. The entirely cotton dress as it follows realised by my group is: long dress under the knee with application of ribbons on both sides which consent the deformation of the dress, the long sleeves whit ribbons are connected to an intertwined hat. Above the level of the waist and of the hip they coloured ribbons have been applied. The colours used are: red, yellow, green and blue.
This dress is an example of integration among all the different nationalities of my group.
In the last days spent with my group I understood many things, either in the practical sense than in theoretical sense: the Italian group was in fact, the only one composed mainly by boys and girls of the high school, the other ones were from University. It’s been nice to see how, slowly in the days, all the barriers like age, language, nationality, disappeared only to give space to a real cooperation. I think that, in the end, the most important thing it was the cooperation which overcame the little gaps and aims at something of unitary and complete, apart of the final result."

ITALY Loredana-Riccetti

POLAND – TORUN Ewa Jurkowska

POLAND- LODZ Renata Duden

CZECH REP. Lucie Kutalkova

ROMANIA Elena Gheara

SLOVAKIA Lucia Purmova

"In the week from 19 to 26 January 2003 we’ve take part at the project “fashion week”, promoted by “Romualdo del Bianco” foundation, were five students of different European countries (Italy, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, Slovak) join themselves in a team for creating a dress that has how main subject the integration of our countries between past and future.
The dress that we’ve realized is completely composed by coloured and worked cloth strip, intertwines till formed the silhouette of the body and a cap. We’ve imagined that each one of these stripes will represent our country, in this way the entire dress is really created by the fusion of our cultures and ideas. At the bottom of it, five shapes of hands, our hands, each one with a different decorations and lengths. We’ve choose the hands because it’s a symbol of friendship, peace and for underline this aspect we’ve painted on blue.
The realization of this dress was a unique experience: I’ve never thought about a re-elaborating of the cloth and the silhouette in a so strong way like composed itself exclusively by interweaving of strips and narrows.
It was great to see like the whole team, exceed first shyness, worked hard for shaping the dress, and regroup for discussing about the solutions of the little but many problems of realizations.
I think that the final evening, with the award ceremony was the top of an amazing week: celebrations, laughs and few tears for the imminent goodbye, all added at the pride of seeing the dress that we’ve created marched past trough the crowd like a very haute couture one."
For further information write to info@flemingyouth.it or info@fondazione-delbianco.org


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