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"The Japanese section of the Stibbert Museum is born on the wake of the two great interest of Frederick Stibbert: the history of the weapons and the history of the custom, interest that have allowed to form one of the most extraordinary and eclectic existing collections to the world. Toward the second half the XIX century, Japan was shaken from a series of imposing political and social upsettings. The isolation, the closing to the external world wanted since the first half of the XVII century from the political class in power, that of the Samurai, the professional warriors, were about to end. The Imperial Restoration, the resumption of the commerce and the relationships with the other nations favored the contacts with whom, as Frederick Stibbert, was deeply attracted by the Japanese culture in all of its forms. It is in this sense that the Japanese collection in the Museum must be reads. Since 1870 in then, with systematic recurrence more and more in the last decade of the century, are documented purchases of Japanese works of art, at first from European collections, by antiquaries and privacies, then directly from Japan, through agents. The collection is distributed in the four rooms and it consists of about 2000 numbers of inventory. The principal nucleus is constituted by swords, sword’s fittings, armours and helmets; the part dedicated to the weapons is completed by a small but meaningful number of fire weapons.[...]"
to read the entire article, download the attached file (English and Italian)
Francesco Civita
Download the entire article (English or Italian): Japanese Collection.doc   Collezioni Giapponesi.doc

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