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The Ancient Timber Structures are the ancestors of the contemporary Structures of Steel, of Reinforced Concrete etc., generally belonging to the field of the discrete. Still some very old specimens exist in very good conditions and perform their static duties in a satisfactory way.
The Ancient Timber Structures are the object of deep studies and careful conservation only since a few decades: in the past times the general practice was the dismantling of the damaged old carpentries and their reconstruction with materials which were supposed to be more resistant and durable of the Wood.
The Course is directed to Architects and Civil Engineers already fully acquainted with the theories of the Conservation and expert in the practice of Restoration who want to gain a specialistic knowledge in a very peculiar field which is largely increasing in volume and quality.
The principal reason to give a post-graduate Course in Conservation of the Ancient Timber Structures in Italy is due to a few fundamental factors.
First of all, the fact that in this Country the quality of the existing carpentries in terms of design, inventiveness, accuracy, decoration etc. is very high, besides a very large variety of configurations despite the not high number of specimen in comparison with other Countries.
Second, the large experience that Italy accumulated in Conservation in the past millennia handling with its enormous Heritage of Cultural Goods; here the techniques of Repair and Strengthening are preferred to those of replacement, renovation, dismantling-rebuilding etc. which are currently used and taught elsewhere.
In Florence a large number of excellent ancient carpentry specimen offer a good occasion for observation, study and conservation exercise. Besides Florence inherited the knowledge of a world-wide known Scholar, the late Professor Guglielmo Giordano, who founded in Florence the Istituto per la Ricerca sul Legno, of the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, presently IVALSA.
In Florence is established and operating the ancient Accademia dei Georgofili.
Specific Laboratories of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure (a State Body founded a few centuries ago by the Medici Family) for the conservation of the Paintings on wood and Art objects are operating treating and genuinely conserving these “Monuments” with care for the authenticity values like content, original configuration, original material, original bond, manifestations of decay etc., according with the most advanced theories.
In the professional field, in Florence a few firms specializing in Analysis and Diagnosis of Timber Structures are established. Here a few Firms are specializing in Conservation of Timber Architecture and Timber load-bearing Structures.
“Conservation”, “Conservation of Timber Architectures and Structures”, “Timber Characteristics” are also the Topic of Academic Teachings in the University of Florence, Faculty of Architecture and Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Forestry.


The Course will be articulated in three Moduls, of 15 days each, directed to the History and Knowledge, Diagnosis and Conservation Practice.


Module A: History and Knowledge (90 hours)
1. Structural Configurations and their Evolutions
The Patrimony of Timber Structures Prof. Gennaro Tampone, University of Florence
Vernacular Architecture Prof. Knut E. Larsen, University of Trondheim, Norway

2. The Timber for construction.
The botanic species used in construction
Physiological and mechanical characteristics of the Timber
The chemistry of the wood
The biotic degradations of the wood
The structural failures
(Prof.Gennaro Tampone, Dr. Massimo Mannucci, LegnoDoc Firenze; Dr. Nicola Macchioni,IVALSA, )

Module B: Study and Diagnosys (90 hours)
The Study of the Ancient Timber Structures
Aims of the Appraisal, Analysis, Diagnosis
Investigation instruments
Appraisal. Analysis. Detection of the biotic and mechanical decay
Evaluation of the stability and capability to carry loads
Methodology for the Assessments on Reliability of the Ancient Timber Structures (Prof. Ario Ceccotti)
Rendering; graphic specialized Language
(Prof. Gennaro Tampone; Prof. Ario Ceccotti,Director IVALSA)

Module C: The Conservation Practice (90 hours)
1. The Conservation.
General Conservation Criteria; References to the Athens, Venice and Mexico City Charters
Structural Restoration of Members, Structural Units,
Structural Systems (Prof. Gennaro Tampone)
Dimensioning of the Consolidation Devices (Prof.Ario Ceccotti).
The use of Glue Laminated Timber devices for the consolidation of the Patrimony
(Prof.Gennaro Tampone, Prof. Ario Ceccotti)
Cleaning and treatment of the surfaces. Restoration of the decorations. Restoration of the paintings on wood (Dr. Laura,Speranza, Dr. Marco Ciatti, Laboratori della Fortezza da basso dell’Opificio delle Pietre Dure)
Biocide Treatments (Dr. Anna Gambetta , IVALSA)

2. Final checking. Maintenance. Monitoring
(Prof. Tampone, Prof. Ceccotti, Prof. Mannucci)

3. Case studies
Some case studies will be examined, in co-operation with Soprintendenza ai beni architettonici e ambientali di Firenze and in connection with the technical visits (Prof. Gennaro Tampone, Arch. Fiorella Facchinetti, Soprintendenza ai Beni Architettonici di Firenze).


1. Technical Visits
- IVALSA (Istituto per la valorizzazione del legno e delle specie arboree, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
- Salone dei Cinquecento, Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, The roof carpentry and the false ceiling, Giorgio Vasari, XVI c. The conception, the specimen, the maintenance
(Prof. Gennaro Tampone, Arch. Ugo Muccini, Municipality of Florence, Others)
- Ball Hall, Villa Demidoff, Florence, The roof carpentry and the false ceiling, XIX c. The restoration work (Prof. Gennaro Tampone)
- Stone Forest of Donnarubba, Perugia, Italy (Dr. Stefano Berti, IVALSA)
- Factories of Glue laminated Timber Elements (optional)

2. Laboratories
Laboratory of IVALSA (Istituto per la valorizzazione del legno e delle specie arboree, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche)
Laboratory of Fortezza da Basso, Florence
Laboratory of the Firm Fedeli, Florence

3. Practical activity
Appraisal, Analysis and Evaluation of an ancient carpentry.
Definition of the general intervention criteria.
Planning of the restoration work.

The above mentioned technical activities will be distributed in the three modules.

Final Exams
At the end of each Module, Participants will be asked to perform individual exams on the Topics of the Course.

Certificate of Frequency
A certificate of frequency will be released to the attainment of the first two modules, while at the end of the third one, completed the whole cycle, a final certificate will be delivered by the holder of the course and by the representatives of the involved Institutions, testifying the frequency to the Course and the attainment of a basic ability for the starting to the conservative restoration practice.

Prof. Antonio Borri, Università di Perugia, Collegio degli Ingegneri della Toscana
Prof. Ario Ceccotti, Università di Venezia, C.N.R Firenze, Collegio degli Ingegneri della Toscana
Dr. Laura Speranza, Laboratori di restauro di Firenze Dr. Anna Gambetta, C.N.R Firenze
Dr. Massimo Mannucci, LegnoDoc Firenze
Dr. Nicola Macchioni, IVALSA
Ing. Andrea Margaritelli, Margaritelli
Prof. Gennaro Tampone, Università di Firenze, Collegio degli Ingegneri della Toscana
Prof. Luca Uzielli, Università di Firenze, Collegio degli Ingegneri della Toscana

Candidates will be selected on the base of the Academic Titles and of the Curriculum. Is required a Graduation degree in Architecture or Civil Engineering; experience in the field of Conservation is highly appreciated.

The Course will be activated previous attainment of a least number of 15 attendants and previous presentation of application for admission, and payment of the admission fees.

A Tutor will be always present and available for co-opration to the attendants.
The cost procapite of every Module amounts to 1990,00 Euro taxes excluded.
The entry tax, equal to 600,00 Euro, will have to be paid while submitting the Application Form, and will be diminished by the overall amount of the Course. In case of missed share to the following Modules to the 1st, the tax of registration won't be returned, while the already versed and not utilized trances will be returned, diminish the expenses up to that moment sustained (documented with special prospectus and delivered to the renouncer in the moment of the abandonment).

The lectures of the Course, all the scheduled visits, the didactic material, the insurance.
Transfers to and from Florence, the lodging and the food, the transfers in city and everything not suitable in the voice " the share includes."

The applications for admission must be completed of the curriculum vitae of the candidate and of an informative report on the motives for the interest to participate to the Course.
It will be unquestionable right of the Committee of Admission to appraise the applications.
• Application for the admission will have to reach by mail (Fleming Youth S.P.A. Via Del Giglio n°10, 50123 Florence, Italy) or by fax (0039-055-283260) within and not over the 30 November 2003.
• All the participants must be provided of a valid document of identification.
• All the participants can take advantage of the services of the Vivahotels Reservation Centre for Accommodation: it is possible to have agreed rates both in the Hotels of Vivahotels Group and in other Florentine accommodation facilities.
The candidates can contact the Secretary Office of the Vivahotels Reservation Centre (tel: 0039-055-414550, fax: 0039-055-434432, e-mail:reservation@vivahotels.com, reservation@worldsitehotels.com,, website: www.vivahotels.com,or, www.artsitehotels.com) and communicate their demands.
• The organization intends to highlight to the public the initiative and its participants through appropriate media.
• The organization reserves the right to change the program owing to organizational reasons giving a prompt notice to all persons interested.
• Further information can be requested at the Secretary Office of Fleming Youth ( tel.: 0039-055-2382762, fax: 0039-055-383260, e-mail: info@flemingyouth.it) or directly CLICKING on "Ask For more information" on the top left hand side of this page.

Promoted and patronised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in co-operation with the Collegio Ingegneri della Toscana.


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