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Updated : 20/03/2003

THE PUBLISHING OF THE BOOK: “A NEW URBAN IDENTITY: SAN DOMENICO IN SAN GIMIGNANO” THE ACTS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR, organised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, in co-operation with the City of San Gimignano and the University of Florence.

Palazzo Vecchio
Last 12th March was held in Palazzo Vecchio, Salone dei Cinquecento, the official presentation of the Acts of the International Seminar on the recovery of the ancient convent of San Domenico in San Gimignano.
The presentation was made at the official presence of the Authorities of Florence and the Association of Italian City Municipalities, represented by the Alderman of International Relations of Florence Eugenio Giani, and of Prof. Antonio Paolucci, Superintendent of the Artistic Heritage of Tuscany region.
Among the presents there were several participants to the seminar to witness the high result of the entire project and the guests of the International Convention of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation - V Edition - .
The International Seminar:

San Domenico Convent
Preliminary Remarks:
The suggestion of the first topic for a professional cooperation of a team work of specialists, the San Domenico Convent in San Gimignano, was offered to the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in May 2000,during a preliminary Committee of the International Conference on Conservation "Cracow 2000", by Prof. Michel Bonnette, at that time Scientific Director of the World Heritage Cities Organisation (Québec) Canada, and currently Deputy Head of a new Unesco Chair for the cultural Heritage, Laval University Québec.

With the signing of an official agreement between the Major of San Gimignano, Dr. Marco Lisi and the President of Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, Paolo Del Bianco, (19th June 2001), this Foundation has promoted, organised and carried out an International Seminary aimed to give ideas and proposals for the reuse of the ancient convent of San Domenico in the town.
All the acts of this International Seminar are published as book with Cd-Rom, by Fleming Youth spa and Vallechhi Editore.

The Knowledge of the place:
Prof. Emma Mandelli - University of Florence, Department of Planning of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture - have realised the planimetrical and photogrammetrical relieves and the historical and photographic documentation of the complex.
Afterwards this documentation was sent to all the participant European Eurasian and Asian faculties of architecture applying to participate in the workshop.

The international Seminar organised by the Foundation during the weeks 12th-19th of December 2001 and 27th February- 5th March has seen the participation of 21 faculties of 17 countries represented by a Professor and an Assistant from each faculty.
In the meanwhile have been invited also experts in the field of World Heritage and reuse and rehabilitation of ancient buildings, to give their contribution to the participants, providing a wider knowledge about the topic.
In this two moments the participants have presented in Florence, December 2001, a preliminary series of indications about possible projectile solutions, collaborating -also for a better mutual knowledge- at the definition of the standards to follow in the second phase, February 2002, of the project, for the proposition of first proposals for the reuse of the ex convent of San Domenico; this second phase ended the 3rd of March when these first proposals of reuse have been officially exhibited in the ex Conservatory of Santa Chiara, Museum of Modern Art of San Gimignano and donated to the City Municipality.

The project was realised with the support of VivaHotels.

Participant list:

The group of San Gimignano Team Work
1. Planning, Technical University of Vienna, Austria
2. Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Monuments, Antwerp, Belgium
3. Faculty of Architecture, Belarussian State Politechnical Academy, Minsk, Bielarussia
4. Faculty of Architecture, University of Architecture, Construction & Geodesy of Sofia, Bulgaria
5. Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University of Prague, Czech Republic
6. Building, Engineering & Surveying Heriot Watt Edinburgh, Scotland
7. Technical University of Budapest, Hungary
8. Faculty of Engineering, University of Cagliari, Italy
9. Faculty of Architecture, University of Florence, Italy
10. Faculty of Architecture Chiba University of Tokyo, Japan
11. Faculty of Architecture Cracow University of Technology, Cracow, Poland
12. Faculty of Architecture Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
13. Department of Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Torun University, Poland
14. Department of Architecture, Silesian Technical University of Gliwice, Poland
15. Construction Department of Architecture of Timisoara, Romania
16. Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of Cluji-Napoca, Romania
17. Faculty of Architecture of Bratislava, Slovak University of Technology, Slovakia
18. University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Slovenia
19. National Yunlin Unversity of Science & Technology, Taiwan
20. Odessa State Academy of Engineering and Architecture, Ukraine
21. Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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