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Updated : 20/09/2002


San Gimignano Team Work
Last 3rd March 2002 was held in the Museum of Modern Art of San Gimignano (ex Conservatorio di Santa Chiara) an exhibition that presented the contributions for the reuse of the ancient Convent of San Domenico. The presented proposals were given by an international group of experts of 21 different faculties of Architecture and Engineering, coming from 17 countries of Central Eastern Europe, Taiwan and Japan. This exhibition was the result of a work of comparison and integration of ideas on the topic that lasted on the whole eight months, July 2001-February 2002, and that have seen two international sessions in December 2001 and February 2002.
The first result of the co-ordinated work of this group in ideas and proposals to the City of San Gimignano is published in the book "A new Urban Identity: San Domenico in San Gimignano" by Fleming Youth spa and Vallecchi Editore.
to the seminaries of December 2001 and February-March 2002

1-Vienna, Austria, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Technical University of Vienna
Arch. Patricia Rammersdorfer, Arch. Eva Mara Thalhammer
2-Antwerp, Belgium, Centre for Conservation and Restoration of Monuments, Antwerp
Prof. André De Naeyer, Arch. Ilse Van Ginneken
3-Minsk, Belarus, Faculty of Architecture, Belarussian State Politechnical Academy
Prof. Galina Polyanskaya, Arch. Viaceslavas Jankelevivius
4-Sofia, Bulgaria, Faculty of Architecture, University of Architecture, Construction & Geodesy of Sofia
Prof. Hristina Staneva, Arch. Dimka Ivanova
5-Prague, Czech Republic, Faculty of Architecture, Czech Technical University of Prague
Prof. Bohumil Fanta, Dr. Pavel Kalina, Arch. Karolina Ptackova
6-Edinburgh, Great Britain, Building, Engineering & Surveying Heriot Watt Edinburgh
Prof. Phil Banfill, Arch. Laurent Galbrun
7-Budapest, Hungary, Technical University of Budapest
Dr. Erzsebet Kovacs
8-Cagliari, Italy Faculty of Engineering, University of Cagliari
Prof. Tatiana Kirova, Arch. Alessandra Maurandi, Arch. Donatella Fiorino, Arch. Gabriela Frulio
9-Florence, Italy,Faculty of Architecture
Prof. Emma Mandelli
10-Chiba, Japan, Faculty of Architecture Chiba University of Tokyo
Prof. Yasuo Watanabe, Prof. Akira Kuryu, Arch. Kiwon Kim, Arch. Syozo Kitahara
11-Cracow, Poland, Faculty of Architecture Cracow University of Technology
Prof. Maria Ponikiewska, Arch. Pawel Grzyb
12-Warsaw, Poland, Faculty of Architecture Warsaw University of Technology
Prof. Danuta Klosek-Kozlowska, Arch. Mateusz Kozlowski
13-Torun, Poland, Department of Conservation of Cultural Heritage of Torun University
Prof. Bozena Zimnowoda-Krajewska, Arch. Maciej Morkowski
14-Gliwice, Poland, Department of Architecture, Silesian Technical University of Gliwice
Prof. Piotr Stachurski, Arch. Monika Weglorz
15-Timisoara, Romania, Construction Department of Architecture of Timisoara
Prof. Ioan Andreescu, Arch. Dan Marian Muntenau Muresan
16-Cluj-Napoca, Romania, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of Cluji-Napoca
Prof. Balint Szabo, Arch. Imola Kirizsan
17-Bratislava, Slovakia, Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology
Prof. Pavel Gregor, Arch. Pavol Pauliny, Arch. Lubos Hazucha
18-Ljubljana, Slovenia, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering
Prof. Roko Zarnic, Arch. Martin Poljansek
19-Yunlin, Taiwan, National Yunlin Unversity of Science & Technology
Prof. Ming-Hsiu Su, Arch. Li Mei-Huei
20-Odessa, Ukraine, Odessa State Academy of Engineering and Architecture
Prof. Nadezhda Yeksareva, Prof. Vladymyr Yeksarev, Arch. Svitlana Sukhanova
21-Novi Sad/Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Faculty of Technical Sciences University of Novi Sad/Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade
Prof. Milan Prodanovic, Arch. Predrag Garasanin, Arch. Aleksandra Stupar

The suggestion of the first topic for a professional cooperation of a team work of specialists, the San Domenico COnvent in San Gimignano, was offered to the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in May 2000,during a preliminary Committee of the International Conference on Conservation "Cracow 2000", by Prof. Michel Bonnette, at that time Scientific Director of the World Heritage Cities Organisation (Québec) Canada, and currently Deputy Head of a new Unesco Chair for the cultural Heritage, Laval University Québec.
The realisation of this group of research was promoted and directly organised by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation in co-operation with VivaHotels in Florence.


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